• Swarup Biswas Research Scholar, West Bengal State University, Barasat, West Bengal,India
Keywords: Stress, Aerobics and Aerobics Dance


Stress the inevitable effect of modern push button lifestyle can never be destroyed but only diminished through some positive channelization. This study aimed at to find out the effect of Aerobics dance Training on stress among the girl students. Samples of 30 girl students ranging between 14-16 years were selected randomly. The program continued for six weeks in the summer, scheduled three days in a week in the evening, having a 1 hour session each day. The program consisted of an integral Aerobics dance practice which included warm-up, stretching, simple Aerobics stepping with music. Participants completed the standard self-reported Stress Index Test before and after the training program through stress inventory questionnaire by Miller and Allen. The present study was designed by three separate parts as Pre-test, The specific training program and the Post-test. To determine the significance of difference between the Status of Stress of pre and post Aerobic dance treatment, “t” test was applied. From the result it has found that participants of the specific training program experienced a significant reduction of stress. It may be concluded that Aerobic dance has a highly positive impact in the management of stress and its related problems.


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